Hi, Welcome to my shared story of my journey in the world of painting.

I am a self-taught expressionist painter and I would like to take you on my journey which is actually my own art-therapy practice and the story of how I try realising it. Hope you are going to enjoy it. You never know you might even start painting yourself, after all I believe that everyone can paint!

I look around me seeing the life, nature, people, landscape, nearly everything taking it all in. I select something that inspire me right that moment, trying to paint it as part of the next step of my journey. I mainly get attracted by the subject colours, lights and soul which I try to interpret in my own vision and deep emotions when I paint it. I try to paint it out there and as quick as I can at least the outlay of that story and exposure in colours. I have limited time painting due to health but most of the image I observed sink in very quickly from my initial contact with the subject.  Later it is more involve with my imagination and feelings when I complete the picture. I like to share and I feel that if my story speak to you and you can imagine it, we are both walking along the same path, welcome to my world.


Another Me

The portrait drawn here is part of few I did looking at the mirror based on early lesson I had when I started my journey, It was about ‘Drawing on the Right hand side of the Brain’. I have completed couple with my left hand and few with my right hand. They say that drawing is a global skill requiring only limited set of basic components. It was amazing to see how you shift from left to right mode and achieving a superb result that I hope will help me to convince you all during my journey that everyone can draw and paint! I am sure you will try it soon.

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